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hey. BOYS. don’t let other bro-dudes trick you into thinking that it’s UNMANLY to FEEL things. or that  GENTLENESS or ALLOWING TENDERNESS is a WEAKNESS. because it’s NOT. it’s one of the most POWERFUL things you can DO for yourself. *flips over a table angrily* 


nah sorry i cant go out today, i have plans to spiral into uncontrollable anxiety starting in the early evening and ending at roughly next day


Hnausapollur, Iceland (by krumpa)

What it would look like if the Orion Nebula was a distance of 4 light years away.

The Fire Signs - The Playful Pyromaniacs 
Like the element of Fire, Sagittarius, Leo and Aries are flammable, warming and invigorating. As unparalleled opportunists, the Fire triplicy represent the spirit component of the elements, navigating through life relying on their intuition and gut impulses, which seem to spontaneously erupt into consciousness. Having lots of planets around Fire indicates a lively, curious, energetic, zealous and playful individual with the inner spark to initiate the whole forest fire; they are always wanting adventure and stimulation, and will provoke their environment until they get a response. The Fire Signs are bright, illuminating and express through the yang and masculine psyche; adventure, passion and purpose are keywords surrounding these individuals and they simply radiate the glow of flaming embers.
The Fire Signs are very open to new experiences and gather most of their beliefs and values based on their lived encounters. Like fire they are bright, but like fire, they can also burn. These individuals are renowned for their honesty, bluntness and tendency to ‘tell it like it is’; there will be an innate hatred of deceit and dishonesty present and a need to tell the truth no matter how hurtful it may be. There is an inherent impatience and impulsivity found in the Fire signs and the inner resistance against the Universe’s natural inertia; Fire wanted it 5 minutes ago - and they constantly find their patience and tolerance tested. Fire may become frustrated by the heavier Water and Earth types, feeling as though their emotional heaviness will extinguish the flame. These individuals are free spirited and flighty, and prefer to keep their relationships free from serious or emotive undertones. Fire guards its independence fiercely, and even the perceived illusion of freedom must be present in relationships. They tend to feel claustrophobic in possessive relationships, and they will seek to escape from any attempts  to box them in.  Fire is very much about hardwiring the explosions so life can take off; and to them life is one big adventure. In Jungian astrology the fire signs are called the intuitive types, and Jung believed these people imagine the possibilities, not necessarily concrete reality (earth) and that intuitive people are adept at sensing patterns rather than focusing on precise details and therefore capable of seeing future events, and foreseeing new possibilities. Intuition is thought to be an unconscious perception that would give birth to sudden ideas and hunches. Fire knows how to turn every moment into something mystical, magical and spellbinding. 
Those with many planets around Fire may face a constant array of conflict and chaos with authority, as well as a general tactlessness and self destructiveness. At its worse, Fire is dangerously impulsive and chronically compulsive; volatile, unpredictable and enchanted by all things around pleasure, pain, danger and thrill. The magic intuition found in these types whips up the potion for creating artists, prophets and the image making propensity that gives birth to new ideas; the creative mind plays with the objects it loves, and Fire is all about scattering their energy into all the interests which stir their hearts.